Now that we see so many high profile repositories getting DMCA’d on GitHub we need a federated, decentralized alternative to GitHub more than ever

Just switching to Gitlab is not a long term solution to the problem

Before you try to explain that “git is already decentralized look at me I’m so much smarter than you” maybe consider not being an annoying ass that just repeats bs that hundreds of annoying asses have said before you

“Git” may be decentralized, accessible exploring of new repos and collaborating without making new accounts on different platforms is not though, and everyone who doesn’t just want to annoy people should realize that this is what’s being talked about here.

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@sammy I'd be willing to contribute to it any time, I just don't feel qualified to implement it alone

@maris I think there’s a project that has been work in progress for a long while but I forgot it’s name :/

@maris but this is mostly a specification that’s hoping to get implemented in different projects


I j ow that Gitea is a popular alternative. Can't remember if its federated tho.

How would federated Git even work I wonder? :thinking_fire:

@banjofox you’d log into your instance and see repos from other instances on your “browse” tab and send issues and merge requests from your instance to the other one, just like mastodon works but with git stuffs

@banjofox @sammy Git is federated *by default* and *by design*. It already is distrubuted. Patches were designed ot be shared by emails.

@bamfic @banjofox go away, patches by email are inaccessible and shitty and all the important features of GitHub are NOT available in a federated and distributed system


Git may have -originally- been designed for patch-by-email but that is also like saying "HTML is designed for static pages". The technology has evolved WAAAAAAAAAAAAY beyond the ORIGINAL designs.


If you do a write-up/bulleted list on the Federated Git repo tech I'd be very interested in reading/sharing :)

@banjofox @bamfic @sammy The tooling for working with git patches is certainly something that needs work, but it's the only design that is going to really support a syndicalist software distribution model.

Why are you all thinking in terms of upstreams and centralised development hubs anyway? Just because github did it that doesn't mean we have to make the same mistakes again.

Not to mention that most of the "extras" (pull requests, issue tracks) are massive anti-features anyway

Git is already decentralized, no need to make it federated.

@musicmatze fuck off, nobody needs annoying comments that don’t consider the actual conversation

Oh yeah, that's the best way to handle critical comments... Very Trumpesce, thank you!

@sammy what if
gitlab but with federated SSO authentication

@uint8_t I’d prefer a possibility to federate repos, issues and merge requests, etc over different platforms

Basically being able to submit a merge request on someone’s Gitlab instance from my gitea instance, similar to how different softwares form the Fediverse together

@uint8_t that’d mean every instance I federate with has a copy of my git repo, making enforcing DMCA requests practically impossible

@sammy @uint8_t As long as we do not have technically sufficient solution I‘d promote @codeberg, which is sustainable code hosting, funded by the community.

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