Is kinda sad that the easiest way to play games on Linux is a windows VM

@pastelpunkbandit nothing current but my general experience with Everything Wine is that it’s way too annoying and doesn’t work most of the time

@sammy @pastelpunkbandit I hear they have made good progress, but I haven't tried it in the last decade or so. Maybe it's time to give it another chance.

@fnord @pastelpunkbandit i try every few months and they do make lots of progress every time, but it’s just so much easier to set up a VM and just click install and play whatever game I want to without game specific configuration

@sammy @pastelpunkbandit I don't play many games, but when I do, I dual boot W10. That's a bit annoying, but OTOH, it helps immersion if you have a system that's solely for gaming and requires you to shut down your productive system to run it. But still, I'd rather not be dependent on MS, even if it's only for gaming.

@fnord @pastelpunkbandit I like having all my other stuff accessible while playing games without installing them on windows too, stuff like messengers for example

So just having my gaming system inside of a window on my main system is perfect for me

@sammy @fnord it really depends on what u wanna play from my experience!
if it's single player it pretty much works 99% of the time from my experience but online multiplayer is still really messy

@pastelpunkbandit @sammy Sounds perfect for me 🙂 After all, computer games are for having fun while avoiding other humans, right?

@sammy Not if your laptop's mobo refuses to support IOMMU reliably.

I've decided to just give up. I have more important things to worry about. I also have a Thinkpad for all my non-gaming stuff.

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