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I go on a walk for an hour and don't see a single other person wearing a mask outside and people are claiming that germany is handling this pandemic well, lol

Me, a cat, every time I see a cat outside: “OH MY GOD I MET A KITTY”

tech question 

is the new chromecast the cheapest available Android TV device now?

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Petition: abolish TLD's let people just register whatever they want. "", "kitty.goes.nya", "abolish.tld"

I just played 30 minutes of Ring Fit adventure and oh my god I'm exhausted

tech, nextcloud 

Federated nextcloud sharing is cool :o

the server storage I just upgraded a few months ago is almost full again :(

Are there any good movies that came out in 2020?

mario galaxy on switch 

I just switched to joy cons because my Pro controller's battery went dead and omg the pointy aimy things go so much even better with those

According to my plex stats I listen to about 24 hours of music per 7 days

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Horseshoe Theory is the right and left both urging the president to drink bleach.

uspol, death 

If you don’t want trump to die you are a bad person.

lyricposting but changed 

She was a skater boy
He said, "See you later, boy"
She wasn't good enough for him
He had a pretty face
But his head was up in space
He needed to come back down to earth

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