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The monster hunter soundtracks may be some of the best music ever made


“My head just makes up a whole fucking movie for every song I listen to”


For a moment I was certain that the dude with the giant eye just in the middle of the air next to him was not part of any drug visuals but actually there and the visuals were what was around that guy

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Me: “yeah the closed eye visuals are kinda boring without music, just that one guy hanging out next to the eye and nothing happening”

Also me: *opens eyes* “wait WHAT”


I think I just watched a song

A few days ago I started my journey to watch every kaiju movie I can find it has been great so far

Another advantage of masks: lip syncing to your music in public without looking awkward

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drugs shitpost 

Warum heißen die Dinger Glückskekse wenn doch gar kein MDMA drin ist?

Also if I don’t heal anyone for too long I start losing HP myself

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If I was a character in a hero/champion/whatever-based video game I’d be a support that has to first give up its own HP to heal someone, but after fully healing the teammate my own HP also jumps back to full.

Sometimes being able to do good for other people and help them feel better is the main thing that gives me a sense of usefulness for my existence

"I had a plant when I was young, it was my only friend"
aww :(

I love it when half the subtitles are wrong on an old movie

People with It/Its pronouns are cool af


Twilight sparkle is a trans princess.


Does anyone have experience with microdosing LSD for long programming sessions?

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I'm listening to K.Flay and instead of crying I'm just vibing to the good music? wtf

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