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Lol @ asshole techies splaining bullshit under my posts and then reporting me for “insults” when I tell them to fuck off

Is kinda sad that the easiest way to play games on Linux is a windows VM

Yes I work in tech that is why I use IT pronouns

Now that we see so many high profile repositories getting DMCA’d on GitHub we need a federated, decentralized alternative to GitHub more than ever

Just switching to Gitlab is not a long term solution to the problem

tech, shitty megacorps 

Google stops offering unlimited photo storage for free and I see lots of people recommending Amazon photos as an alternative.

Wtf, don't recommend people to repeat the same mistake they made before. There are actual alternatives out there.

every few months I rediscover the shitty UI/UX amazon has for cancelling Prime and get the urge to destroy something

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Calling Masto Admins that are hosting their own hardware:

Do you like having it local?
How do you avoid downtime?
Why are you hosting locally rather than using a VPS in the cloud?


Ich hab grade die Idee gelesen für zusammengesetzte Nomen im deutschen PascalCase zu verwenden und tbh bin ich da sehr für

When I say "all cops" that obviously includes Officer Jenny.

oof I always forget how to exit nano and accidentally put :wq somewhere in the middle of a file

on special occasions I'll sneak in a red panda or a fox or something

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I want to own 365 different cat shirts and then make a photoseries of me wearing a different one every day for a whole year.

server: *arrives at files starting with G*

Me: "Hehe my server said Gay"

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I'm watching my server move 6TB of data via rsync and it's so exciting

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Staring at very big file transfers is the modern "watching paint dry"

"Abolish police"
- Bahnvielfahrer*innen die keinen Bock auf Verspätungen haben

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